About Letters To Rayelle


It has been decided by more than one person in my life (friends and family, alike) that I am simply terrible at keeping in touch. I have big goals and dreams. I have places to see, experiences to have and Eiffel Towers to climb. I sometimes get so caught up in living my life that I forget to keep in touch with the people who care, who show me their love and support, who encourage, who push me along my path and introduce me to new adventures.

My darling Rayelle is one of those people that I met on my journey, at a very specific time in my life, might I add, that made me think, “hey, things may turn out okay after all, if I am lucky enough to keep making friends like her”.

Letters To Rayelle is: an apology to those who I have not kept in touch with, a thank you to many of those same people for encouraging me when I desperately needed it, and a snapshot of my life now, wherever I am, whatever I am doing. It’s also a hello, to the new people I meet on my adventures, who will become friends, and then surely, family. Letters To Rayelle is also a place to store my memories, share my thoughts, and put my creativity out into the world.

Life Mantra #209: You can NEVER have too many people who love you. Appreciate them, always and in your own way.


You can find me on Twitter and Instagram @BryttJF or you can email me at letterstorayelle@hotmail.com

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