Published Work


Over the past few years of my writing adventure, I have been so lucky to have been able to have my thoughts published in a women’s magazine that I truly believe in.  I’ve written about all about my journey with Holl & Lane here on Letters To Rayelle and below you can read a few of the articles I’ve written for them.

** Sarah and the team have recently undergone a re-brand and Holl & Lane will forevermore be known as The Kindred Voice. It’s changed from a print magazine, to a digital magazine, to an online community of women supporting women. Show your support by simply making a cup of coffee and sitting with their blog for a few hours. I’m a regular contributor and I am floored to be amongst such brave, honest women who are writing about topics that are important to us all.


Shedding The Skin is about the different layers we gather and shed throughout our lives and the process of becoming more yourself.

Can We Talk About The After is my response to the topic given to me: taboo. I didn’t know where I would begin when I sat down to write, and what came out surprised me, but being given such a supportive platform to explore my feelings has been life changing.

Making Friends in Your 30’s is about my experience growing up learning one thing and becoming a woman and then learning that sometimes what you are taught about the world, and in this case, friendship, isn’t always true.

I wrote What Self Care Means to Me after struggling with the same old habits and procrastinations and realizing that maybe being gentler with myself was the key.

In Falling In Love with Myself, I explored the past few romantic relationships I’ve had and came to the conclusion that each love affair has only brought me closer to myself.

The past year has been healing and I have gone on such a journey of acceptance with my body. I explain more in Mixed Feelings About My Body.


In issue 7, I wrote all about picking up my life in Canada and moving abroad. Two years in London and Paris taught me to let go of all the things I thought I knew about life and to be open to more.

In issue 19, the Redemption issue, I wrote about what redemption means to me. It’s my thoughts about re-learning all the well defined ideas we gather through our lives and how maybe we can have our own backs and forgive ourselves. Self-gentleness, if you will.