Greenwich, baby!

Greenwich from the top of the hill
Greenwich from the top of the hill

IMAG2441   So today I FINALLY managed to venture out to Greenwich, England. Admittedly, I knew next to nothing of the place before I went, except that 1) it has that line that decides where the time zones start (doesn’t it?) and 2) that everyone and their dog keeps telling me to visit. So, with a day off, an adventurous boyfriend, and a rain coat, off I went. First of all, it was raining. Let me just explain, that the tone for my day was set. It was grey and cloudy, which, contrary to popular belief, is NOT the usual forecast in London. Maybe in other parts of England, but not London, and Greenwich is in London. image


Anyway, it was wet. Apparently Greenwich is known for its world famous observatory, which, naturally, is on a hill. Thus making Greenwich also famous for its views. I will give the place that much, the views were stunning. image image image Greenwich is pretty small and I think most people go there specifically for the observatory. Parts of it were free, which is actually normal here. Admission to almost all museums and galleries are free, which makes London just a little bit amazing. There is a large palace looking place, which I believe is the Maritime Museum. We didn’t go in though, simply because you do get a tad “museumed out” when you live here. Also, there is the maritime museum at home, so I would have felt a bit like a traitor. Back to the museum looking like a palace…one of the (many) cool things about England is the architecture. If you judged only by the architecture, you’d think everything is a lot fancier than it actually is. I went to a McDonalds once in Neasden that made me feel like a princess walking through the doors. Nice trick, England. image image After the observatory, we walked through Greenwich park, (green, large) and came to a place called Blackheath Village. It was a super charming little town with lots of quaint shops. It was the kind of place that makes you want to give up all your dreams, pack a bag and open a yarn store. (And probably also buy a cat to live in your yarn store and he will sleep in the window on sunny days and everyone walking by will think its normal to have a cat in a store. You know the kind of place I mean.) image image



image Before we left, we popped into a gelato shop (because yolo), which I basically gave my business to, simply because I liked the name. The gelato turned out to be some of the best I’ve ever had, so score 1 for Blackheath. image Our little excursion concluded with my salted caramel gelato, and then a mad dash to catch the bus, then the overground, then the tube back into the city. Greenwich wasn’t nearly as exciting as I was told, but Blackheath made up for that, and overall, it was a sweet little Sunday. image


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