We Are Your Friends: Zac Efron

This is the most surreal blog post I will ever write.

From the top:

Last week a friend of mine at work mentioned that he was going to see Zac at a premiere. Zac, of course, being the one and only love of my life, Zac Efron.

For all who know me and all who don’t, I have had two major dreams in my life. The first being to someday move to England. Check! The second being to see/meet/be in the presence of Zac. CHECK!

(Okay, maybe meeting Zac wasn’t exactly number 2, but IT’S UP THERE, OKAY?)

Anyway, I instantly harassed my friend for all the details he could give me on the movie premiere, (bad stalker that I am), and texted my boyfriend our plan for the evening.

Our “Oh my God we’re going to see Zac!” faces

We showed up with plenty of time to spare, got a fantastic spot along the fence and waited (in the rain #London). I should also mention that the premiere was for Zac’s new movie, We Are Your Friends, which is directed by Max Joseph of Catfish fame. I am le obsessed by Catfish as well, so this premiere was SUPER exciting for me.

Emily Ratajkowski
He’s clearly looking right at me…

I had never seen a red carpet before and the premiere was super small, so when Zac and Max showed up, we saw them perfectly. My pictures are super blurry because I was actually THISCLOSE to Zac and my phone couldn’t focus.

Neither could my brain, for that matter, so please understand that I am just a girl, standing in front of her husband, asking him to – okay. Anyway. There is no way to make these pictures look better but I was there and I saw him and life is beautiful.


Hi babe.


This night was one of the best ever! London is absolutely one of those places that can kill you if you don’t keep up. On the other hand though, it’s also the kind of city where anything and everything can and does happen. It’s been super easy to lose track of the reasons why I came here. It’s so easy to get bogged down by the ‘work-home-pay bills-repeat’ cycle that seems to rule people’s lives in this city.

Rolling up the red carpet

Little moments like movie premieres with my favorite actors are the kinds of things that don’t seem real as they happen, so I hope you all don’t mind me re-living this on my blog!


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