Two Year Blogiversary!

Holy shit, you guys! I’ve been blogging for two years!


When I started Letters To Rayelle, I had been in London for about 6 months. I was living in the ghetto that is Whitechapel (although I now think of it fondly), and I started the blog on a whim one night long after Paul had fallen asleep next to me. #NightOwlProblems


I was on my phone, typed in because it sounded familiar, and the rest is history. It’s been a weird sort of journey. I’m at a place in my blogging adventure now that is totally different than where I thought I would be. Not better or worse, just different. I didn’t know much about blogs when I started. I certainly didn’t know it was an entire industry (where fashion reigns supreme). I had no idea it was (sadly) so competitive.

Leaving my mark on a Paris stop sign because I don’t even know
I recognize my naivete of those days, while also trying to maintain that way of thinking. Trying to do what everyone else is doing is a weird type of struggle and I really hope I’ve managed to maintain the ‘Brittany-ness’ of this blog.

It’s been the most fun thing to have a creative outlet for my brain and then to watch as this space has turned into so many other things than just a blog.

Letters To Rayelle has provided me a way to connect + make friends with people I might not otherwise meet and it’s been able to open me up to fun opportunities outside of blogging. It serves as a giant photo album (remember those?) to store all my memories and it’s also given me confidence in the kind of person I most want to be (that maybe I kept hidden for too long).

I had no idea any of these wonderful things were going to happen when I hit publish on my first post, and it’s the coolest thing ever that they did.

Things have changed a lot since I started writing, life is different, home is a new place now. But I’m excited to keep documenting my new adventures here + to leave a snapshot for you!

First adventure abroad with friends: Copenhagen!

Some milestones since starting Letters To Rayelle two years ago:

  • I’ve traveled to 19 countries (on two continents)
  • Moved to Paris, moved back to London, then back to Canada
  • Traveled totally solo for the first time (beyond the big move to the UK) fulfilling that long awaited backpacker’s dream
  • Rubbed elbows with my one true love Zac Efron
  • Started a second website with a pal, where we cover all things creativity and which is a stepping stone for a bigger business I’m working on #Flourish
  • Literally changed my thinking in SO MANY WAYS. I haven’t really documented all the specific ways I’ve grown + changed in the past two years here, instead focusing on experiences, but maybe I should dig in? Thoughts?
  • Found my tribe. Like, the tried and true friends who will be with me til the end (and I have never been so grateful!)
  • Learned about love, romantic and otherwise, friendship, my mind + my inner workings, what I need + what I want
  • Been published in a magazine. (This will never not be the most exciting thing ever in my life. Sorry boys!)
  • I can comfortably call myself a blogger, a traveler and a writer. And I’m way less afraid of these things than I was two years ago.

Paul’s birthday trip to Malta, a couple weeks after starting LTR
I love having my own little space to share my thoughts + photos, and it means all the warm fuzzy things that people read, comment and reach out. THANK YOU!

Now onto year 3!

P.S. It has come to my attention that my boobs look super lopsided in the featured image photo at the start. I’m gonna just go out on a limb here and say that it’s my shirt, not my boobs, but like, whatevs. I’m not going to start censoring myself now. Girl power and all that. 🙂


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